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Deemed rates prior 1st April 2023

TotalEnergies Gas & Power's deemed rates are displayed below. These are the rates that you will receive when your contract with us expires or is terminated and you have not signed a new contract or moved supplier, or in some other specific situations for which we will provide appropriate guidance at the time.

The government's 'Qualifying Financially Disadvantaged Customers' (QFDC) initiative has been introduced by the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) to provide increased protection for customers on out of contract rates. If your business is paying out of contract or deemed rates, this discount is already included in the unit rates shown below and on your bill – and will not appear separately.



Copies of our Deemed Contract Scheme are available here:


Gas Deemed rates

Gas deemed rate is 10.20 pence/kWh plus a charge rate of 203 pence/day*.

*If your AQ is higher than 732,000kWh, we may apply a site‐specific daily standing charge.  

Electricity Deemed rates

Half Hourly Rate: 

  • Anytime: 35.14 p/kWh

Non Half Hourly Rates:

  • Day rate: 36.30 p/kWh
  • Night rate: 27.67 p/kWh
  • Single: 34.91 p/kWh

    All electricity meters on our deemed rate will have a daily charge applied that is calculated specific to your site. This charge will be shown on your bill.



    Click here to view the Deemed Rates prior 1st March 2023