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Do you know about ICoSS?

The Industrial and Commercial Shippers and Suppliers (ICoSS) group is the trade body representing non-domestic industrial and commercial (I&C) suppliers in the GB energy market. Members collectively supply approximately three-quarters of the gas needs of the non-domestic sector as well as half of the electricity provided by non-domestic independent suppliers. ICoSS is a lobbying organisation that represents the interest of I&C customers and their suppliers, and is now the primary point of contact for non-domestic energy matters for Ofgem and the government energy department (BEIS) with respect to non-domestic issues. Ofgem and BEIS officials often attend TotalEnergies Gas & Power's monthly meetings to discuss non-domestic consumer energy policy. TotalEnergies Gas & Power sits on the board of ICoSS and if you have any regulatory changes proposed or lobbied on your behalf, please contact:

Andrew Green, Head of Regulation, TotalEnergies Gas & Power
01737 275 554

ICoSS website: