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Ofgem approves implementation date of 1st April 2018 relating to changes to apportionment of Distribution Network charges

DCP 228 changes DUOS methodology

The modification will have impacts on DUOS charges and the differentials between half hourly and non half hourly customers, which in some cases will be very significant.   The modification was approved on the grounds that it was more cost reflective.  Ofgem have approved an implementation date of 01st April 2018.   In summary, the impact is that in most distribution network areas, domestic and non-domestic “single rate” consumers would generally face a reduction in charges whereas “two rate” consumers would face a small increase in charges. 

For half hourly customers the unit charges during the red period will fall but rise during the amber and green charging periods.   The net effect is that charges will generally rise for half hourly customers, and those consumers connected at high voltage (HV) level will face the most significant increases.