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13/11/2023 News

SME Net Zero & Energy Survey

As a company committed to helping you achieve your Net Zero goals, we understand the importance of renewable energy in creating a sustainable future.

In line with this commitment, we conducted a survey on small and medium businesses in the UK to gain insights into the current state of renewable energy in this integral sector.

Our survey report provides valuable information about the awareness and adoption of renewable energy products and the key challenges and drivers for adoption. We also highlight the priorities and barriers regarding renewable energy and provide information on what suppliers can do to help overcome these challenges.

We invite you to download the full report and read more about our findings, including our key takeaways:

  • Interest and Adoption
  • Priorities and Barriers
  • Suppliers and Solutions

Click here to download the full report and read more now.


A field of solar panels with a sunset in the background.

For more information about our ambitions and contributions to renewable energy, please visit our carbon net zero page here.