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Business Energy Useful Forms

Set up a Direct Debit payment

For small and large business.

Please complete the relevant form for your business and email to [email protected] (small business) or [email protected] (large business)

VAT Declaration Form

For small and large business.

If applicable, please complete and email to [email protected] (small business) or [email protected] (large business).

Climate Change Levy Forms

The Climate Change Levy (CCL) is an environmental tax on your company's electricity and gas use.

E-billing Registration

Find out more and register for e-billing here.

Business Refunds

If your business is supplied by TotalEnergies Gas & Power and your energy bill has a credit balance, you can request a refund. Apply for yours here.

Moving Business Premises

If you are moving out of or into a property supplied by TotalEnergies Gas & Power, please visit our dedicated page here