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Fixed price service for energy partners

At TotalEnergies Gas & Power we endeavour to make working with us as straightforward as possible.

Pricing Matrix

One of the ways we make working with us easier is offering a pricing matrix to our brokers to price gas and electricity for new businesses and renewals.

This pricing matrix is a simple way to calculate the price. It is updated weekly to reflect market conditions. Matrix submissions are quicker to process than a bespoke price, it is easy to use and does not require an account manager. Any business for a site up to 293,000kWh on gas and 150,000kWh on power can be priced with a start date in the next 18 months.

For further information about the pricing matrix, please get in touch using the contact form. 

Partner relationship

Our partners fall into several distinct tiers, defined by their level of interaction and commitment to TotalEnergies Gas & Power. We have clear pathways with our brokers and consultants on how to develop this relationship, and get the most out of doing business with us.

Our broker structure and more detail on the benefits of a reciprocal partnership with TotalEnergies Gas & Power will be available here soon.

Joining TotalEnergies Gas & Power

TotalEnergies Gas & Power are always open to looking into new partnerships, but any prospective partner needs to meet specific criteria to on-board. This process starts by registering online and giving basic details about the company. A representative will be in touch within 3-5 working days to establish whether a potential Partner meets requirements to become a Partner with TotalEnergies Gas & Power.

Following initial screening, an Account Manager will visit the brokers to understand more about the business and how to partner for growth moving forward. Necessary documentation, such as growth plans for the partnership, might be requested prior to onboarding. TotalEnergies Gas & Power also clearly explains what products and pricing services are available from the start of the relationship, as well as outlining what could become available as a Partner progresses through our ‘tiered’ partner system.

Following agreement of the partnership moving forwards, the Code of Conduct will be signed which includes all details including initial payment terms. Following documents being signed there is a 90 day trial put in place, and after 90 days a review will take place with the new Partner to discuss performance, and gain feedback on the initial service received from TotalEnergies Gas & Power.