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Your Energy Management Team

For all your energy market needs

The Energy Management Team are here to provide the ability to transact under your contract, provide forward views on fundamentals and work with you on wholesale origination and alternative solutions, all while providing detailed analysis and research on relevant market subjects.

The team work to provide live prices when available and fair market prices based on what can be hedged at the time.

We've outlined below what we need from you to transact efficiently and effectively:

Rules of Transacting

  • Please specify
    • Your Contract ID or MG ID/ customer name or Purchasing Agent Name. For your contract ID or MG ID reference numbers, kindly refer to your position report
    • Volumes in th/day for Gas or MW for Power
    • The period you wish to transact
  • Minimum volumes for live price transactions are 100 th/d for Gas and 0.1MW for power. We can transact less than this, however requests for lower transactions than the above should be treated as an exception to the rule and have good justification to do so
  • Cashout contracts are free to procure up to 10% more than the profile volume and sellbacks are limited to what has already been procured
  • Baseload contracts are only able to procure up to the agreed baseload volumes
  • The customer represents and warrants that it will not use their Agreements with TotalEnergies Gas & Power Limited for speculative or investment purposes.

Product Expiry Gas/Power Rule 

  • Power: The last trading day is the second to last working day of the current month, at 4:30 pm
  • Gas: The last trading day is the final working day of the month, before midday

Click below for our template to format your price requests

An image of an FSRU

FSRU Webinar - May 2023

In this webinar Charles Ramsay, Senior Customer Solutions Analyst at TotalEnergies, presents an update on how Floating Storage & Regasification Units (FSRUs) are impacting energy prices and energy security.

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    transactions for a total of 5,600MW
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    transactions for a volume of 21m TH/Day
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Meet Your Experts

Matthew Devoy

Energy Management Team

Head of Energy Management

Matthew Chapman

Energy Management Team

Energy Management Analyst

Charles Ramsay

Energy Management Team

Senior Energy Management Analyst

Jay Luka

Energy Management Team

Energy Management Analyst

Ben Charles


Senior Originator

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Our energy management desk is open Mondays to Fridays, between 08:30AM - 16:30PM. The desk shuts at 16:30PM to ensure we accurate hedge orders as liquidity dries up beyond this time.

Please contact the Energy Management desk by email or phone:

Click here to view our detailed how-to transact guide

Please contact your account manager who will help you accurately reforecast your profiles.

Unfortunately, there is no way to pre-determine how long a bid or offer will be valid. This means we are unable to guarantee that a price shown will be valid upon acceptance of offering.

For power, please you use your position report. For gas, please contact your account manager

Please contact your account manager who will be able to help you facilitate this request

We aim to provide customers the best price available at that time in the market, subject to the volume, availability and applicable trading counterparty being available to TotalEnergies. Where a price is unavailable to transact upon, an alternative market reflective price will be provided and transacted subject to the agreement of both parties. TotalEnergies provides an extensive price service, including generating prices for illiquid periods and non-standard periods.

If you haven't received a confirmation within 15 minutes of instruction to transact, please contact us on the Energy management desk phoneline or email us with the detail. 

For all transactions relating to gas, please use therms/ day (th/d). For all transactions relating to power, please use Megawatts (MW).

To fix is to buy your energy, to unfix is to sell your energy. 

The market reports are available to our customers. Please contact your account manager who will be able to give you a link to all TotalEnergies reporting offerings. 

It can take up to 48 hours for us to allow transactions upon receipt of your signed contract and after the sales team have processed it through their systems.