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Standard Variable Tariff

TotalEnergies Gas & Power's Standard Variable Tariff rates are displayed below.  This tariff gives you the flexibility to leave by providing a 30 day notice period.  At TotalEnergies Gas and Power, any customers on this tariff will be advised of any rate changes with a 30 days’ notice period. An uplift will be applied for any non-DD customers.

Gas Standard Variable Tariff rates

Gas Standard Variable Tariff is 8.30 pence/kWh plus a charge rate of £2.50/day*.

*If your AQ is higher than 732,000kWh, we may apply a site‐specific daily standing charge.  

Electricity Standard Variable Tariff rates

  • Day: 33.57p/kWh
  • Night: 24.41p/kWh
  • Single: 31.59p/kWh
  • Charge rate: Standing Charges will be passed-through. These charges are bespoke to each individual meter.