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Energy Essentials

From our latest fuel mix disclosure to deemed rates and smart meters, here’s important information about business energy from TotalEnergies Gas & Power.

Fuel Mix

Our electricity is sourced from a number of different fuels. See the ratios and their environmental impact in our fuel mix table.

Deemed Rates

Deemed rates are the rates that you will receive when your contract with us expires or is terminated and you have not signed a new contract or switched supplier.

Standard Variable Tariff

A standard variable tariff is a business energy supply contract that does not have a fixed-term applied to the terms and conditions.

Upgrade to Smart or AMR meters

Smart meters can help you save time, become more energy efficient and support the UK’s transition to a low carbon economy.

Request half-hourly energy consumption data

If you have a smart or AMR meter, you can request HH energy usage data.

Feed-In Tariff Scheme

If you produce electricity from a renewable or low-carbon source, you could receive money from your energy supplier through Feed-In Scheme.

Electricity Half-Hourly Data

If applicable for your business, log in to the Half-Hourly portal here.

How to read your business energy invoice

Here is our visual guide with relevant annotations to read your business gas or electricity invoice accurately.