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Pure Green Energy for Business

Pure Green is electricity that comes from 100% renewable sources such as solar, wind and hydro, but does not include biomass.

Why Pure Green?

Being supplied with Pure Green means you can report zero emissions for electricity under the GHG Protocol Corporate Standards, Scope 2 as the electricity can be matched to Renewable Energy Guarantee of Origin (REGO) certificates.

Pure Green guarantees that the REGOs we provide will only come from solar, wind or hydro sources.


How does Pure Green compare?

TotalEnergies – Committed to Better Energy

We integrate climate change into our strategy, and are staying ahead of new energy market trends by building a portfolio of activities in low-carbon electricity that could account for up to 40% of our worldwide sales by 2050. Today, our gross low-carbon power generation capacity is currently close to 9 gigawatts, including 5 gigawatts from renewable energies. 

We target 25 GW of renewable generation capacity in 2025 and will continue to expand our business to become a leading international player in renewable energies.