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Feed-In Tariff Scheme

Please note that as of 31 March 2019 the Feed-in Tariff scheme is now closed to new applications.

The Feed-in Tariff (FiT) scheme is an environmental programme introduced by the government to promote widespread uptake of a range of small-scale renewable and low carbon electricity generation technologies, including solar PV, anaerobic digestion, hydro and wind up to a maximum installed capacity of 5MW, and combined heat and power (CHP) microgeneration up to 2kW capacity. 

The scheme requires certain electricity suppliers (FiT Licensees) to pay a generation tariff to small-scale low-carbon generators for electricity generated (whether or not such electricity is exported to the national grid) and a separate export tariff where such electricity is also exported to the national grid.

For larger electricity suppliers, FiT participation is mandatory. For smaller electricity suppliers, with fewer than 250,000 customers, FiT participation is voluntary and achieved via an annual registration process administered by Ofgem. 

Voluntary FiT Licensees are only required to register and make FiT payments to eligible microgenerators (i.e. with a declared net capacity of 50kW or less) who are also an electricity supply customer. TotalEnergies Gas & Power has been a voluntary FiT Licensee since 1st April 2012.

Further Information

For the latest information on the FiT scheme and comprehensive guidance for renewable installations, please see Ofgem's website

FIT Registration Process

In order to receive FiT payments from TotalEnergies Gas & Power, FiT generators must register their eligible installations on Ofgem's Central FiT Register (CFR) via a FiT Licensee. To register your FiT eligible installation through TotalEnergies Gas & Power, you will need to complete and return our application form, along with the required supporting documentation. We will check your application and register your installation onto Ofgem's CFR. 

Once your installation has been registered, we will send you a copy of our Statement of FiT Terms, which you will need to sign in order to start receiving payments. If your installation was previously registered by another FiT Licensee, you may be able to switch to TotalEnergies Gas & Power for your FiT payments, although you will need to sign our Statement of Terms.

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