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The Big Zero Show...2024

We're at The Big Zero Show again this year!

Published: 25/06/24
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The Big Zero Show is back for another year, five years on since net zero was written into law, and what a five years it's been. From a quiet yet competitive market in 2019, through to the energy crisis, price shocks have driven consumers and businesses to take energy, sustainability, and net zero seriously today. With carbon reduction plans now a priority, and the energy transition well under way, the Big Zero Show is a great opportunity to learn more.
So, as one of the principal partners, TotalEnergies will be attending the show again this year, and Mark Rose, our Sales and Marketing Director joined the team at Future Net Zero to talk about our commitment to net zero, the Big Zero Show itself and why it just won't be the same this year without Mark there.  Take a watch to find out more...




White Net Zero text within green tree tops with mist

The highlights:

Take a peek at some of the key highlights from Mark's chat with Future Net Zero.

  • Energy prices are significantly higher than they were 2-3 years ago, and given this, the challenge for consumers is to be able to invest in the reduction of energy, projects, and the investment in infrastructure. 
  • For businesses, competing in various markets, they must have a carbon reduction plan and consider net zero, and to do this, it needs to be straightforward to invest in development. 
  • Procuring green energy has been expensive, but with investment in wind and solar, this has become more attractive and there are more options now.
  • The evolution of TotalEnergies has been fast with an enormous transformation. We're invested in renewable energy and with a focus on our independent power unit as we want to be here in the long term.
  • The workforce needs to transition with us and with this comes education and new skills for the future. We want to attract talented individuals with the right attitude to succeed. We'll be there for Day 2 - 'Net Zero: Your Future Workplace' too!

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We've a comprehensive product line up available to meet your procurement needs and a variety of renewable options to get you started on the road to net zero!