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Energy and Trade Intensive Industries' Discount

To be eligible for the higher level of support, customers must meet the following criteria:  

  • Be on a non-domestic contact from a licensed energy supplier  
  • Be on an existing fixed price contract agreed on or after 1 December 2021, signing a new fixed contract, a deemed contract, on a flexible purchase (or similar) contract, or a variable ‘Day Ahead Index’ tariffs (Northern Ireland only)  
  • Operate primarily within an eligible sector. Operating primarily within an eligible sector means that 50% or more of the organisation's revenue for the financial year 2021/22 fell within an eligible sector. The list of SIC codes available here acts as a proxy for the sectors eligible for the higher level of support. 
  • The organisation physically consuming the energy will need to be the one to apply for the higher discount.  
  • For Local Authority entities, eligibility will be determined at a premise level. Where there are no relevant accounts, the Local Authority will be required to declare that at least 50% of the space is taken up by operations within an eligible sector.  
  • The higher level of discount will apply to 70% of energy volumes and will be subject to a maximum discount of £40.0/MWh for gas and £89.1/MWh for electricity. The universal level of support will be automatically applied for the remaining 30% of energy volumes. The discount is likely to show up as one line on your bill as suppliers will do one calculation for the overall discount you are owed.  

ETIIs will need to apply for the discount on the Government Portal which is now live.

Please refer to the Government's website here for further guidance.

If your business would like to opt out of the Energy Bills Discount Scheme, please let us know by submitting your request below:

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