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Heat Network Suppliers Discount

Only heat networks who provide domestic end users are eligible for the additional discount as they fall under a commercial meter.

To be eligible Heat Suppliers must:

  • Meet the definition of a heat supplier, as defined in EBDS regulations
  • Be supplied gas and/or electricity by a licensed supplier for the purpose of generating heat
  • Serve one or more domestic customer

The scheme will support the wholesale element of a heat networks energy tariff, up to the point that the Minimum Supply Price is achieved. The Minimum Supply Price will be set as £78.3/MWh for Gas, and £340/MWh for Electricity.

QHS will need to apply for the discount in the same way as ETIIs, with the similar validation process and timeframes expected.

Heat Networks will need to apply for the discount on the Government Portal which is now live.

Please refer to the Government's website here for further guidance.


If your business would like to opt out of the Energy Bills Discount Scheme, please let us know by submitting your request below:

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