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Energy Bill Relief Scheme


The government has announced more information about the Energy Bill Relief Scheme (EBRS), a package of support to help businesses manage the unprecedented wholesale energy price rises throughout this winter.

Read our winter 2022/2023 FAQs here.

This scheme runs 1st October 2022 – 31st March 2023 across Great Britain, and the government will provide a discount on usage over this period.

As discounts will be automatically applied, eligible non-domestic customers do not need to take any action.

Please note that there may be delays to monthly billing as we apply discounts. If you do not have a smart or AMR meter, please ensure you have submitted your latest meter reads here between the 24th and last day of each month to ensure your bills are accurate.

To know more about the scheme, please read our FAQs here.

Customers on a fixed rate contract

Find out more about eligibility and the discount

Customers on a variable tariff

(including deemed and out of contract)

Find out more about eligibility, the discount and contract options

Customers on flexible contracts

Find out more about eligibility, discount examples and further guidance



  • The level of price reduction for each business will vary depending on your contract type and circumstances and is determined by the government. See below for more details.  
  • We’re letting eligible customers know that they are eligible and the level of discount they can expect.

The EBRS will be available to non-domestic customers including businesses, voluntary sector (e.g. charities), public sector organisations (e.g. hospitals and schools) who meet eligibility criteria:

Fixed Customers on a fixed contract agreed on or after 1st December 2021

If your contract was agreed on or after 1st December 2021, you are eligible for the scheme. You do not need to do anything to receive the discount, and it will be applied to your invoice for consumption between 1st October 2022 and 31st March 2022.

If your contract was agreed before December 1st, 2021, you are not eligible for the scheme. This is because you will not have been affected by the recent rises in wholesale prices.

Variable / Deemed Customers who are not currently on a contract (including deemed / variable)

You are eligible for the scheme. It will automatically be applied to your invoice for consumption between 1st October 2022.

You may still be at risk from changing energy market conditions. To protect against further price increases, we are offering contracts to all customers on deemed or variable tariffs. Please contact us on 0800 0289597 (9-5, Monday-Friday) or email [email protected].

Flexible Determined monthly Eligibility status will be determined on a monthly basis, depending on whether your weighted average price is above the government supported price. We’ll be in touch to eligibility, your level of discount and how it will be applied.


Generators: If your business uses gas or electricity to generate power to sell back into the grid, please confirm your level (%) of consumption that is not eligible for the EBRS discount here:

  • Non-domestic customers bills will still show green levies being charged, but in all cases those who get this charge will be covered by the EBRS discount for eligible energy use.

  • What will happen at the end of March is currently under review by government, who are expected to announce which customers will be covered, how much support they will receive and for how long.
  • It is expected that the scheme will continue in some form but will be more targeted at businesses in most need of support.
  • It is also likely to provide some form of incentive for businesses to improve energy efficiency.