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Deemed rates prior 1st January 2022

Gas Deemed rates

Gas deemed rate is 12.70 pence/kWh plus a charge rate of 203 pence/day*.

*If your AQ is higher than 732,000kWh, we may apply a site‐specific daily standing charge.  

Electricity Deemed rates

Non Half Hourly Rates:

  • Anytime: 53.36 p/kWh
  • Day rate: 56.39 p/kWh
  • Night rate: 40.88 p/kWh

Half Hourly Rate: 

  • Anytime: 53.64 p/kWh

All electricity meters on our deemed rate will have a daily charge applied that is calculated specific to your site. This charge will be shown on your bill.


Click here to view the Deemed Rates prior 1st December 2021