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Meter reads

Published: 17/06/24
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The importance of meter reads

Providing regular meter readings ensures your monthly bills are based on your actual consumption rather than estimates, which will prevent you from overpaying or underpaying your energy bills. Regular and accurate reads will also limit the amount of cancel and rebills that we may need to process to ensure your monthly invoices are correct and limit large catch up bills or credits. 

If we don't receive a read from you, then we'll need to bill you to an estimated read in order to calculate your consumption. 

Understanding how to accurately read your gas or electricity meter is essential for managing your energy consumption and ensuring your bills are correct. Whether you're a business owner monitoring business energy costs, or simply responsible for submitting reads each month for your organisation, knowing how to take a meter reading can save you time and any billing surprises! 

Here's our step-by-step guide to help you navigate this task with ease.



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Importance of meter reads

Why meter reads are important for your business


Knowing your meter

Firstly, it's important to identify what type of meter you have. There are several types of gas and electricity meters, including digital, dial, AMR and smart meters. Each type has its own method of recording consumption, so recognising your meter type is the first step in taking an accurate reading!

Meter types & how to read them


Digital Meters: 

Digital meters display the consumption figure in a straightforward manner, showing the reading in large numbers on an electronic or digital screen. For these meters, simply record the first 5 numbers from left to right, ignoring any numbers in red or marked with a red boundary. 

Standard Meters:

Standard meters are the most common type of meters, showing the consumption on a mechanical display. To read a standard meter, simply note the numbers from left to right, ignoring any numbers in red.

Dial Meters: 

Dial meters are a bit more complex, with several small dials showing the consumption. To read a dial meter, write down the numbers that the pointers have just passed, moving from left to right. If a pointer falls between two numbers, record the lower number.

Smart Meters/AMR (Automated meter reader): 

Smart meters and AMR automatically send your readings to us each month which we'll then use for billing. This means, you don't need to manually take, or remember to take your reading each month!



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The read window 

Reads should be taken and submitted between the 24th and the end of each month (up to the 4th) in order for them to appear on your invoice. Reads taken outside of these dates will be used to calculate an estimated reading. Any estimated reads will show on your invoice as an E!


We've some top tips for accuracy:

  • If you're not around to read your meter between the 24th and the last day of the month, please send us a read anyway as we'll use this to calculate an accurate estimate.
  • When submitting your read, make sure you've used the correct date and you've noted down the correct number of digits.
  • Submit readings at regular intervals, ideally monthly.
  • Take a photo of your meter with the reading visible as a record.
  • For those with smart/AMR meters, it's a good idea to regularly check that the reads on your invoice match your meter. 

Where to send your read

For all our business customers, the easiest way to submit your meter read is online:



You can also send us your reads through our webchat service (during business hours, Monday to Friday!) or by emailing us at [email protected]. Please provide your MPAN/MPR and account number so we know what meter you've provided a read for.

Need a reminder...?

If meter reads are the last thing on your mind, let us take away the stress of having to remember to take a meter read at the correct time of the month. TotalEnergies SME customers who've live sites with us, can sign up for our email and/or text reminders!


Our email reminders include a handy link to the read submission page, and we'll send you a couple of emails to ensure you get your read in on time! Users can opt out of either reminder notifications at any point.
*Please note this is for UK SME customers only who are live in our supply.



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Quote: We will ensure our customers are always kept in mind with every action we take

Accurate billing...on time

As part of our Customer Service Strategy, we're focusing on delivering outstanding customer experience, making your journey with us as effortless as possible.  Our core purpose is to deliver on what we promise, accurate billing, on time with the customer kept in mind with every action we take. 

Reading your meter is a simple yet crucial task that helps us, not only in our commitment to you, in enabling us to bill you accurately, first time but also to help you manage your bills more effectively. With regular readings, you can ensure that your invoices reflect your actual consumption, avoid estimated billing and keep an eye on your energy usage. 

Get Smart...

Upgrade to a Smart or AMR meter and take control of your business energy. Click HERE to find out more and to see if you are eligible for a meter upgrade. 

Smart and AMR meters are the new generation of energy meters which provide many benefits, including:

  • Improved billing accuracy
  • Better visibility of your energy consumption
  • Automatic reads

To help create a more sustainable energy economy, the Government directed energy suppliers to take all reasonable steps to install smart or AMR meters in small enterprise and domestic premises by the end of 2025. TotalEnergies Gas & Power is an accredited supplier under the Smart Metering Implementation Programme, playing an important role in the transition to a low-carbon economy by offering meter upgrades to all eligible customers.

If you've any questions, we've a team on hand to help.