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Total rebrand – your questions answered

Total is being transformed into a broad energy company and is committed to becoming carbon net zero by 2050, if not sooner. This means putting sustainability at the heart of our strategy.   

Changing our Company name from Total is the next step in our clean energy transition. “Total” remains a part of our new name as a nod to our prestigious heritage. Changing our name to TotalEnergies symbolises a new commitment: to be a world leader in energy and meet increasing demand whilst producing fewer emissions. 

As part of the Company rebrand to TotalEnergies, Total Gas & Power has been rebranded to TotalEnergies Gas & Power Ltd. Our new name has been registered with Companies House.

We have also changed our name with our bank, HSBC, and payments will now be taken using a shortened version of our new company name – TotalEnergies GP.

No. As we are the same company, all telephone numbers will remain the same, as will your points of contact.

Our change of company name does not affect any current contracts. However, if you pay by BACs, you will need to update who you pay to our shortened new company name – TotalEnergies GP.

Your contract remains in force for the duration and we will continue to collect payments in the same way. When you come to renew your contract, you will be offered a new contract with TotalEnergies branding and updated Terms and Conditions that reflect our new company name.

We will continue taking payments on the same day as normal and in the same way. You will see that the payments will be taken from TotalEnergies GP instead of Total Gas & Power from now on.

No. We are the same company with a new logo, a new name and an exciting ambition! Therefore, you do not need to re-sign a new contract with us. You will continue to deal with us in the same way and your contract remains valid and in place.

No. We have a new brand, a new company name (TotalEnergies Gas & Power Ltd) and a new logo to accompany our ambition to become carbon net zero by 2050, if not sooner. However, we are still a part of Total, now called TotalEnergies.  We look forward to continuing our relationship with you and your business. 

No, these changes do not affect any current relationships with our valued suppliers.  In due course, when we pay you for your product(s) or service(s), the payment will come from TotalEnergies GP which is a shortened version of our new company name – TotalEnergies Gas & Power Ltd. We ask that your finance team are made aware of this.

No. However, if you have previously been given permission to use our logo online, we ask that you update the logo with our new one which can be given to you by your Account Manager.

Please direct any immediate questions you may have to your Account Manager.

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