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Visiting a Customer's Premises

Visiting a customer's premises is an important part of several of the routine activities TotalEnergies Gas & Power carries out as a business to business energy supplier.

We are committed to ensuring that the experience customers have when one of our representatives visits their premises is a positive one, and one that reinforces our focus on customer service.

The minimum standards we have in place for all our representatives visiting the customer's premises are that they:

  • Possess the skills necessary to perform the required function
  • Can be readily identified as a representative of TotalEnergies Gas & Power
  • Are a fit and proper person to visit and enter the customer's premises
  • Are able to inform the customer, on request, of a contact point for any help and advice that he may require in relation to the supply of energy.

TotalEnergies Gas & Power has a range of measures in place to help us achieve these aims including:

  1. An audit program that monitors these visits to ensure they all meet the required standards
  2. Conditions built into the contracts with all partners we use to ensure they have the appropriate vetting, training and monitoring processes required to comply with these requirements
  3. A robust complaints and customers service process to identify any potential failings and ensure remedial action is taken to resolve them

If you would like a copy of this policy or any other information please contact our customer services team on 0333 003 7874.

If at any time someone visits you premises claiming to represent TotalEnergies Gas & Power and you are unsure of the reason for the visit or the exact identity of the visitor then please contact us on 
0333 003 7874 for assistance.